Why Host?

Hosting on CryptoCribs has its own charm. It lets you earn something extra on the side, but it's about so much more than that. CryptoCribs is building a distributed reputation system for a global community of technology nomads, who share a passion for the new technologies. By hosting for us, you get a chance of learning more about crypto currencies and blockchain technology from people around the world and become part of a project that aims to decentralize living.

1. Sign up to become a CryptoCribs host

Start by creating your listing. It’s like a profile page for your place.

How to list? Who can book? We’re here to help!

If you have some extra space and like meeting new crypto enthusiasts, just take some pics and fill out a short description.

The platform caters for independent techies who want to pay each other without an intermediary.

From getting your home ready and choosing a price, to understanding your responsibilities under local laws — we’ve got tools and resources for you.

2. Guests find your CryptoCribs listing and make a reservation

You’ll get a reservation confirmation and a message from your guest.

Message your guests Accept booking request Plan for check-in

Use our messaging system to get to know guests a little in advance and answer any questions.

If you haven't opted for the instant booking option, confirm or decline any incoming booking requests.

Some hosts meet guests in person to hand over a key, others provide a door code. You choose what works for you.

3. Welcome your CryptoCribs guests

Some hosts go for dinner with their guests, others are more hands-off. How you want to host is up to you.

Payments Start with the basics Two-sided Reviews

You arrange payment with the guest directly. You may choose old-school cash payments or crypto payments.

Most hosts clean all the spaces a guest can use, and provide essentials like clean sheets, towels, and toilet paper.

Both you and your guests get to review each other and help other people in the network find you.

4. The more you host the easier it gets

If you give to the community, we make sure to give back to you.

Every booking counts Become a five star host

With every booking you become more experienced and trustworthy to other member.

Become a five star host an integral part of our free and open community.