CryptoCribs makes traveling more affordable and interesting for the global crypto community. We are all distributed nodes validating the blockchain. Now the time has come to share more than hash values and nonces. Open your home to nodes around the world and explore the world on crypto. CryptoCribs is working on a smarter way of building trust, sharing your home and meeting other crypto enthusiasts around the world.

What is CryptoCribs?

CryptoCribs is an innovative vacation rental platform for the crypto community.

Peer-to-peer travel Crypto Payments Reputation mining
If you love traveling, meeting new people and are excited about crypto currencies, we want to hear from you. CryptoCribs is the world's first vacation rental platform that lets you pay in crypto only. With every booking and review you make, you help us build the community and get rewarded for it.

Why use CryptoCribs?

In the age of overhyped ICOs, CryptoCribs is a community project with a bigger mission.

Security and Control Crypto Community Build the future
You securely operate your own crypto wallet and control all transactions. No unwanted charges to your credit card. It’s through sharing our homes and ideas with each other that we aim to create a unique, global crypto community. We are working towards a decentralized crypto world that favors individuals over monolithic intermediaries and data silos.

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